Plain – hitting the road

I wrote lengthy blogs about Plain syntax and concepts earlier this year and want to wrap up the specifications and get going. The challenge with pushing on ideas and concepts is that you start getting blind-folded and stuck as you push for results. This is why I prefer new concepts to mature because what seems like a good idea one day might not the second day. Many of the concepts in Plain have however evolved over several years as I started on this far earlier than this blog.

The difference with other programming concepts is that I don’t want to create another language, I want to evolve the way we work so we can achieve more with less. Plain embrace several new concepts aiming for that, but this is untested theory. I believe it will work as expected, but I am also prepared for setbacks as we move forward.

Plain is also more difficult to achieve than normal programming languages because I need electronic devices supporting it and an established infrastructure to build on. Things take time, but we will get there.

Thanks for reading.

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