I purchased this Lab PSU 0-30V /5A from ZHAOXIN a few years back, but I have not really been using it much. What I discovered as I started using it was very dissapointing.

This Lab PSY from ZHAOXIN is far from cheap – it usually cost 80ich USD + 50ich P&P as well as ca 30ich in customs fee – so the real cost is close to 170.- USD if you import one to Norway.

I discovered that it’s out voltage drop under load and decided to do some testing. Adding a resistor array and measuring out with amultimeter I get the following table:

Display Out Current Multimeter Measure
12.3V 0A 12.3V
12.3V 2.1A 8.2V
12.3V 3.2A 6.1V

I actually like this PSU due to it’s cute design & look. As the picture above show it also have a nice, switched design on the inside. But, looking at the table above it is quite clear why I have been having some problems with applications earlier. I can sadly not recommend that anyone spend their money on this one!


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