Distributed PLC Control Centre

Reviewing the design for a home automation system I realise that a PLC rack is not optional as a control system centre. The reason is that we will mainly be interested in central node processing and communication – we will not be interested in more classic PLC controls. Also we need these centrals to be small and hidden. I am thinking more the style of a flat packed PCB card with RS-485 ports, Wifi, GSM/3G/4G and Ethernet in a flat package with battery backup.

The diagram above illustrate the concept. We mount as many distributed centre’s as we need. These communicate with each other using secure Ethernet (wired of wireless) and control their own subnet of actuators and sensors. As these are small and can be hidden they will be easier to integrate into existing homes. Power can be various distributed mains and battery packages.

This an old picture of my universal adapter that basically can be used as is except that it lack GSM option + I would like to have an option to Connect Raspberry PI (3 or Zero W).

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