PLC Modules

The first PLC module I want to make is a box that can hold Raspberry PI + 1 or 2 Hat’s. Having the capability to add a RPI 3 or RPI Zero W is a great asset. It also provide a solution for industrial mounting of a RPI.

This enables 4 PLC modules “as is”:

  • Linux/Windows computing module
  • 5 port RS485/CAN communication Gateway
  • 16 channel Servo/IO
  • 8 channel DC Motor, 8 channel Servo/IO

I will create more Hat’s so they can be added as PLC modules as well. I am a bit wage on the details around how to integrate Raspberry PI itself. I want PLC connectors in front and that leaves Ethernet + USB at bottom. The more problematic side is accessing the backbone – suggestions are most welcome.

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