VM – FOR Instruction

One of my challenges is that our new Object Descriptor have a dynamic size if you take into account the extensions. To deal with this I decided that if E=1 (Extension) we use the Offset as an offset into the dynamic part of the instruction, meaning that every instruction will have a static and one optional dynamic part.

This enables me to read the static part as a fixed size and pass the static Object Descriptor into a ResolveObjectDescriptor() function that will give me a number (assuming this is a number) back. The example from the For instruction below illustrates the changed design.

In this case I know that For is 6 fixed entries and the length-6 = size of extensions. If Length=3F I look for actual, extended length as the 7th 16 bit entry. This also means that if we need the Extension we are forced to replace the Data Offset as well.


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