Plain VM – Distributed Processing

One of the key objectives with Plain is to support distributed systems. The mechanism to do so is at the core of the VM and this is one of the areas where the VM really makes sence.

We have already described objects – data structures that map into C code with Events. We have briefly mentioned that the same mechanism can be used to communicate with a different module – meaning that if you write to a register in one VM instance that becomes an event in a second VM instance – and the two modules communicate.

The beauty of this is that we can do that with easyIPC in the middle communicating between two Plain applications running on different devices – or even better between a C/C++, Java, C#, Python or any application with a easyIPC SDK and any Plain application.

The beauty about it is that it requires close to no extra coding except mapping up events. I need to work on adding syntax to support this, but it will work.

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