VM – Instructions

NOP No Operation. Used for test and to cover the 0 op-code.
For FOR Loop
Assign Assign operation. Takes an Expression and generate a Math calculation or logical evaluation.
While WHILE Loop
Loop Generic Loop
Exit  Terminate a process
Raise Raise an event. The same as calling a function without creating a stack Return entry.
Call Call a function and create a stack Return entry. A function can be PLAIN or C/C++ function.
Ifeq, Ifneq, Ifgt, Ifls, Ifgte, Iflse If statements. If takes an Expression and insert a Assign instruction to evaluate the Expression. All other compare two registers.
Switch Switch. Jump to one of many positions using a table.
Return Return from a Call.
Encode Encode a bit Field.
Decode Decode a bit Field.

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