Introducing PLAIN

One of the challenges with a distributed system consisting of multiple Raspberry PI’s, multiple Hat’s and multiple RS-X connected devices is how to control it all. At the end we are running a complex, distributed system and coding logic on this level using a classic programming language like C/C++ is not straight forward. C/C++ is unbeatable dealing with low level electronics, performance and algorithms, but it is a bit clumsy to write higher level logic involving distributed logic. I would like to keep C/C++ to deal with low level things and HOW we do things, but I need something better to describe the logic and WHAT we want done. Having used years with various programming languages, PLC and CNC machinery I basically want to create something new that does things a bit differently.

I decided some time ago to name this PLAINProgramming Language for Automation Industry – basically a language/Logic concept to control robotics on distributed systems. We can evolve this a bit as we move forward, but I have a few key requirements:

  • Generic in nature.
  • Extendable and able to use C/C++ modules.
  • Deal with distributed, high level logic.
  • Support a future graphical CASE tool.
  • State-engine and event based Logic at core.
  • Easy to read top-down text, no cryptic syntax.
  • Easy to learn – read Logic in 5 min – yet powerfully to support Professionals.
  • Embeddable into other solutions.
  • Real-Time Centric.

The previous work on easyIPC fits straight into this work as is establish a plug & play communication network using multiple techniques. What I lack is an Ethernet based protocol, but I will return to this later.

At this point I am planning a language specification, compiler and Virtual Machine. The specification will need to evolve as we move forward on try & fail. Actually I want to start with the Virtual Machine.

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