New PCB fun


Two more PCB’s arriving from factory. The large board is the communication adapter. This is so far the most complex board I have made so will be a bit of a job to test it out step by step. Happy to see that RJ45 and USB connector fit correctly. The red board is the mini 3-axis stepper controller.

The challenge I have is that I have so many ideas that I can easily spend the next two years doing electronics, I seriously need to get my act together and complete the software packages as well – and not only the testing/proof of concept. My collegues look at me with strange eyes as I mention that I find making Electronics relaxing 🙂


This last is the 3-phase micro controller I have shown before. I actually had to order the DRV10983 chips twice and I have really been waiting on these ones. The first lot got stuck in customs so the seller want me to take a refund. I have a package of STM32F042F6 sent the same time from a different seller that is missing. I order most of my stuff from Asia and as I have mentioned before I seldom loose out – if I do it is usually the postage system in Norway that is to blaim.

The large chip at left is DRV8301, a 3-phase pre-amplifier. I decided against using this for now because I wanted the 4th Half Bridge driver, but also because I fear this chip ends up beeing a bottleneck on a 2-layer PCB as everything needs to be routed in/out on this. But, we will put it to some usage later. Fun for later – this is getting too exiting with too many things to try out – xmas fun 🙂

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