Mini SW Draft


The Software on the Mini Sensor Module is outlined above. I need to wrap up a tight RS-X protocol as illustrated earlier. I also need a RTOS ported as well as sensor Logic for each sensor.

DHL11 (or 22) uses a bit-bang protocol. We will use an interrupt on this pin with some timing for decoding. It will send us Humidity and Temperature once per second.

The IR module is connected to an ADC and will measure distance. The Light sensor is also connected to an ADC measuring light.  The last sensor is the temperature sensor on STM32F030F4 itself.

The Data Map tionary is a small module that will map variables in the interface with actual variables in the modules. This is set up as a pre-configured table.

I am a bit concerned about 16Kb Flash, so I have the STM32F042F6 as a fall-back.

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