PLAIN – Programming Language for Automation Industry

An easy to use Programming Language/Logic concept to deal with robotics using distributed systems. Languages like C/C++ are excellent for dealing with low level electronics, performance and algorithms, but they are not designed to deal with complex logic implemented over a distributed system like a home automation- or robot-system.

  • Generic in nature.
  • Be able to use C/C++ modules.
  • Deal with distributed, high level Logic.
  • Text based Language for now.
  • Support a future graphical IDE/CASE tool.
  • State-engine and event based logic
  • Easy to read top-down text, no cryptic syntax.
  • Easy to learn, yet powerfully.
  • Embeddable into other solutions.
  • Be able to use easyIPC as core communication protocol.

The current work on PLAIN includes

  • Language Specification
  • Run-Time Engine
  • Compiler
  • IDE/CASE Tool
  • Communication (easyIPC)
  • PLAIN Enabled Devices