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BSA – Using a PLC PWM Module

Using a PLC module (or any component) in BSA is straight forward – you simply declare an UML State symbol with the input/output events you need and set this as external with the selected interface protocol and addressing scheme. The protocol can be anything because BSA is after all just a visual specification, so the…

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PLC – G491RE Template

I will be using a few MCU’s to create PLC Modules, so it makes sence to create a template – starting project for each MCU. The most obvious is STM32G491RE. This template contains MCU, CAN, RS485, Crystal, SWD, Leds, FRAM and PSU condenced as tight as possible towards one side. The template might change, but…

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PLC – PWM/Motor Module

DRV8313 is an excellent driver circuit containing 3 separate half h-bridges that can be used as separate PWM drivers, a DC Motor driver or 3-phase motor driver. Delivering 3.5A max in peak and supporting upt to 60V it is excellent for 12V, 24V or 48V systems. I have made a small motor driver on this…

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PLC – Motherboard

The next module I want to make is the motherboard(s). I want to start with a 2, 4 and 8 module Motherboard. An early demo of a 4-module board is shown above. In this case I have mounted 4 x Ethernet modules – an advanced system will usually have two Ethernets for redundancy, but you…

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PLC – Ethernet Front

This prototype have a Wiznet breakout on top and a USB-C on bottom in front. The Wiznet breakout cover the M2 screw holes, so mouting these will be a little tricky, but doable. I will consider pushing the breakout a bit in-I need to alig  RJ45  and  USB-C infront  anyway and that will help.