Lab PSU 0-30V / 10A – Part 4

This metal box is not exactly the prettiest Project Box I have seen, but it cost 17.- USD including P&P and measure 250x190x110mm. I ordered one for testing because the more fancy alternatives cost closer to 100.- USD.

What we now miss is the mains adapter with fuse, which is a 3.- USD component. We wire this to an On/Off button in front before we connect to the DC-DC connectors that again is connected to our Relay board that again is connected to our regulator board that again is connected to our capacitor board. Myself I have plenty of 12V/10A DC-DC converters available, but you can find these for ca 10-15.- USD each. So 17.- for the box, 3 x 15 for DC converters, ca 10.- for each board + some extras leaves us at < 90.- USD so far. For a 10A Lab PSU we could probably as well have bought one for this price, except for the next detail that makes it all worth it – the HMI.

to be continued…

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