PnP – Noozle Head

This picture (above) show the PnP Nozzle head. (1) A Nuki 506 Noozle, but I have several noozles. (2) A noozle holder. (3) A Nema8 hallow shaft Stepper and (4) And adapter for rotating hallow shaft to vacum tube. These are some of the most expensive parts of the PnP design. I have received 501 Nozzle that is designed for 0201 components, so we will see how far off we are in mechanical accuracy.

This picture is the entire Z gantry lacking belt and camera. I had to repair one of the adjustment bolts as it did not hold and you don’t need much insight into mechanics to understand that this would be better as metal parts. But, they cost me ca 10.- USD and 30 hours in printing, so they will have to do as a start.

I have 3 cameraes and multiple lenses. I initially assumed that an expensive, high resolution camera would be better, but recommendation is to use 720P cameraes. The algorithm only focus on recognizing position and some parts and higher resolution will make the machine slower (need more time to compute).

These 3-Way peunmatic solenoids was cheap, so I ordered a 6V and a 12V. The 12V is the right size for the job and tubes. These are both small and cheap.

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