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This ModbusTable is only 100 entries and behaving very nice due to a trick where I only load row details if the row is expanded.That trick will allow  me  to  create  tables up to ca 300 entries and still have decent behavior, but it is no solution for very large tables. So I  will  need  to  find/create  a proper  solution.

The old trick is that you only load the portion you see and re-load as you scroll. This is how virtual tables work. In that case you can have a table with millions of rows and still have a very fast screen without the hazard of running out of resources. As mentioned a few times I seldom think to much about performance these days, but in this case I must because with large arrays loaded into PropertyTree loading becomes a bottleneck. The UI feels slow and little responcive even with 0,5 sec delay on a click.

Moving on a little I also need to solve this as user components. WPF have a good grid “DataGrid”, but I want a TreeGrid and a high performance RT Grid as well. The later is a simpler grid focusing on displaying text only rows at very high speed. And I also want the propertyeditor as a component at some point.

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