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XPortHub3 w/Watchdog

I decided to start making some changes to the DeviceBus experiment. Basically I squeezed the function up in the right corner. Next I will replace RS232 with 2 x RS485 and add a LoRa or maybe Wifi and LoRa. I have little usage for Wired Ethernet on mobile devices, but I do lack radio options.

3D Position System

A module like ZED-F9P cost 148.- EUR and cover all these with an accuracy of 10 cm. The cost of thus module is currently a limitations, but cost will come down. I am more interested in the fact that it announce 10cm accuracy which open up a lot of usability options. The classic 2.5 meters…

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LoRa & GPS

Rev 1.3 of my LoRa/GPS Hat. It will be a Rev 1.4 before I order this PCB because I want some changes. I want to remove (11) the UART port and (7) the separate Power port. The 5V power port will be removed on all Hat’s as I want to force 5V through USB or…

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Modular Control System

This drawing is an overview of the Hat’s in progress. A few is only on the planning stage, but most electronics is on prototype level and SW is coming on. Raspberry PI is the obvious core if I need heavier processing. Due to the nature of it’s SPI I can only connect one of these…

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BasicPI Firmware Stack

This illustrates the BasicPI Firmware Stack in progress. What I always do in embedded applications is to make a “standard” main.cpp as follows: void AppInit() {    // wire hardware } int main() {    AppInit();    // start OS } A team I worked in years ago agreed on this standard so we should…

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LoRa Schematics Error

This is the PSU used on the LoRa/GPS Hat to allow switching the units on/off. The signal EnGPS connects to a GPIO pin and the MCU must pull it high for GPS to switch on – very simple. One of the functions of a modern EDA is to check schematics and PCB. This works excellent…

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LoRa+GPS Hat

This is one of my more exiting projects as I add a LoRa transmitter and GPS to a Hat. E22-900M30S support 12km range while the smaller E22900M22S support ca 6km Range. I have received units and PCB so just waiting for a time-slot to work on this Hat. Raspberry PI Hat format 42Mbps SPI backbone…

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