PnP – Back Legs

This picture is from LumenPnP (Opulo) that I use as base and show that they already have corrected the weak mechanical leg, but obviously not updated the open source drawing – or I must have downloaded the wrong ones 🙁

Never mind – I have glued the part that broke and they will do for now because I intend to change this design regardless. 3D printed parts have an obvious extra weakness in the direction they are printed, so if you print this laying down it will become strongeron that part, but notice that part that hold the motor – that would then be weaker and most likely break easier after some use due to vibrations over time.

I did notice that microsmt argue for having metal parts here due to this kind of problems with 3D printed plastic parts and I agree. This needs to be redesigned unless you want to repair your machine on regular basis. Sadly making metal parts is much more expensive. But, buying Aluminium plates are not – and one idea is to make hybrid parts – I want to redesign this part anyway because I want closed cabinets rather than a open dust collector.

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