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I was warned ny JLCPCB that my boards had some strange pad’s – looking at KiCAD I notice the issue above. These via’s are set to have Pad on connected layers only and KiCAD screws up. If I click on the via it correct itslef. Will be interested to see if this board works at…

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Modular PLC – Bus example

Illustrating a possible PCB bus board 90mm x 150mm. I have also played around with alternative sizes, but I like the small 25mm x 45mm and the scalability I got here. The drawback is cost as each module will need a 12.- USD MCU at core.      

Modular PLC – Part 3

This just a mock-up of an actual module assembled from 7 IO modules using the later design. Size is just illustrative as I play around with ideas. I am waiting on project boxes and will adjust everuthing to that. So far I have only draftet connectors as 5P headers. I am thinking about doing CAN…

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BSA – Line Bug, Fork & Join

As you can see the Arrow to the right miss the Connection point as I resize that symbol. This exact bug was hard to understand because all calculations was correct as I examined the code. But,  then I noticed that the line always adapted to the previous CP position as I resized the symbol. CP…

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USB – Serial Debugger

This shows the moisture sensor from my previous entry with one exception – I added the USB Serial port. I have used various serial ports for debugging in the past, but never the USB despite I have always had it on my boards (almost always) – I simply never took the time to figure out…

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