BSA – Modbus Demo

This took me < 2 min to set up and is just a simple Modbus demo.

  1. ComLink1 is a serial port connected to com3 in this case. The component has an auto option that allows it to always be connected that I use in this case.
  2. ModbusTable1 define parts of a Modbus map – in this case a single float value located at register 30000. Ths setting also specify base 0 and that 30000 is 0.
  3. MyForm is an app as simple as you get with my new Circular Gauge on it. The only detail I am not happy with here is that the name “MyGauge” is a bit hidden.
  4. The diagram at bottom start with a timer triggering once per sec calling a Select that read ModbusTable1 using ComLink1. If that works I call an Assign that update the value of MyGauge.

That’s it. If you pay attention you will see that every detail I need to code this application is on the screen.

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