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PScript Interpreter

I draftet a specification for a PScript interpreter some time ago and have implemented a minimalistic version. Basically I am down on very small footprints using only 1020 bytes SRAM to execute a decent size script. I actually think I will try implementing this on an Arduino Uno just for fun, it is that small.…

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ST/STM32 SW Quality

I have written about this issue before, but ST never fail to suprice me on their SW quality – crap that don’t work: Bugs, bugs and bugs! I updated STM32CubeIDE to version 1.6.0 yesterday and discovered that the IDE fail to load the images – I had to default to STM32-Link Utility to be able…

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Raspberry Pi PICO – RP2040

Having worked with computers in 40+ years I must admit that I sometime dig into nostalgia and look at vintage computers before I recall how little you got done and how much time things took. The world has moved on – and thanks for that. RP2040 or Raspberry Pi Pico if you like is a…

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