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W5500 Schematics

  I am not sure where I wanna use this W5500 circuit, but the nice thing is that KiKad makes this a module I can re-use. This actually is the reference schematics.

Fiber Modules

Fiber modules have been around for some years. The picture below show a 14.- USD 8 x Ethernet/2 x Fiber Mux/Switch that can be found on AliExpress etc. I have also seen smaller modules and 16 x Ethernet modules in the same price range – also boxed versions. The interesting thing about these is that…

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ESP32 Ethernet Hat Challenges

I am a bit stunned by the memory usage on ESP32. This is a 178 line test script that uses wired Ethernet and it only send an UDP message out – the program uses 645606 bytes – which is 49% of available space. Luckily it does not increase that much, so I assume this is…

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Ethernet Ground Plane

Just showing the ground plane on the Ethernet/Wifi Hat. I am very pleased with this one and the approach I used here. Earlier as I routed I have routed on both sides with ground plane becoming very fragmented. On this one I only used ground plane as an exception and only for minimum distances. The…

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Modular Control System

This drawing is an overview of the Hat’s in progress. A few is only on the planning stage, but most electronics is on prototype level and SW is coming on. Raspberry PI is the obvious core if I need heavier processing. Due to the nature of it’s SPI I can only connect one of these…

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LAN8710 vs Pro-EP10

Again I am not done routing, but I wanted to illustrate ca the space cost of adding an Ethernet Phy and why I was so interested in Pro-EP10. You can see Pro-EP10 footprint at left in green, while LAN8710 and RJ45 w/magnets build in is in blue at left. Using Pro-EP10 would be a huge…

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Wifi/Ethernet Hat

Not routed the Hat yet, but got all components on the PCB and it looks possible. Using an optional 2.4Ghz antenna on this one. It will take ca 1 week and I probably have the first draft routed. It tends to og fast once I start. What I usually do is to do a bit…

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