PNP – First Mechanical Weakness

The red arrow show both the slice/print direction I used and where this part broke off. This is a corner peace and I needed to print it in two parts – that worked perfectly, but as I put the 2020 frame parts in I also accidentally dropped it to the ground and the piece broke. The design is a bit weak here, but the real cause is because I did not realize that the slice/print direction needs to go the other way to strengthen this exact peace. I then get the exact same problem on the right side on motor fixings – so I will print this separate in the existing direction.

This was a 14 hour print-job and I am almost done with the 2nd part, so 28 hours more of 3D printing to come 🙂

I will also see if I can modify this part to strengthen it because the stepper motor will be on right and cause hammock due to vibrations over time.

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