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PLC – Project Box

Minimal project box to hold a small PSU and Motherboard with 3 CAN ports. Tested a few boxes already so this will work out fine, but it is a lot of details to get right.

Servo Position Feedback

As we move a servo it would be more than nice to have a position feedback! The servo itself have a potentiometer telling the absolute position, but a standard Servo only have a 3 pin interface Power and Position setting – it gives no feedback. This is a common issue with many available actuators –…

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BSA Power Servo

Creating a module that can control a PowerServo is fine, but what about using it from BSA? What do we need to do? From a user perspective very little. In this example I just created a PLD State Diagram block with 3 input methods and one output method. It is this simple once the underlaying…

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BSA – PLD Flow Editing

This diagram example consist of two different component types. The PLD state/event symbols have a free connection and atop-down flow, while the ComLink have 5 fixed connections in horisontal path with clear marking on where the events are. To connect you just click on the event circle and drag the mouse to the next symbol…

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Mobile PLC

I have lately had the priviledge of working with two vendors of mobile, electrical vehichles – one used a self-developed system designed for volume production series, the other was a larger industrial vehiche on prototy level where they started with a standard PLC and a small cabinet. Usage of a standard PLC “kind of works”,…

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BSA – Example Application

This application is done manually, but I will re-generate it from BSA later. The picture shown is a classic demo application for a 9 – Valve ValvePack. You control 27 PWM signals and 13 analogue signals in this example with 9 proportional 3-Way Valves. These are quite common in subsea systems used in the oil…

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BSA – New Gauge

Just playing around with a Torque Tool Gauge. Bit work in progress, but using a wide band as needle rather than a classic needle and due to how my gauges are build up I can easely get them adapted to various stiles. This provides 4 gauges at the space of one – a bit work…

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BSA – Save/Load

As mentioned before it is easier to blog about HW than SW, more to show. But, that is about to change because BSA is very visual once it runs. The screen below is just a demo/test for Save/Load functionality and once that is working I can easier blog actual about diagrams. I must admit it…

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BSA – Using a PLC PWM Module

Using a PLC module (or any component) in BSA is straight forward – you simply declare an UML State symbol with the input/output events you need and set this as external with the selected interface protocol and addressing scheme. The protocol can be anything because BSA is after all just a visual specification, so the…

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BSA – Using the PLC

BSA will see the PLC modules as a named tree and the diagrams send/receive messages using those names as addresses. You will have the option to design and/or detect a tree. easyIPC contains a config system allowing new, unknow modules to be reported and the user can then assign that module to a named position…

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