KiCAD 6.0.8

KiCAD 6.0.8 is great. Many new improvements. But, also some issues as links to footprints and 3D images are broken. I opened XPortHub2 because I neeeded reference to a coil and found that the RJ45 is missing on the 3D View – easy to fix, but I have seen a few of these. You also see some caps and resistors missing etc. Luckily the components I was looking for is here.

Another interesting thing here is that this RJ45 and the W5500 circuit would actually fit on a 25mm x 45mm module if I put the MCU on the other side – just about.

KiCAD is great for what it is. Some of it’s user interface is getting better, but at the end of the day this is a tool you need to learn and keep using on regular basis to apreciate it. I have many friends using Altium or Cadence, but I think KiCAD keeps sneaking up on them. Well done!

As for the module above – I never got around to order the PCB’s because I use Ethernet on RPI.

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