BSA – WPF Performance Issue part 2

Following my previous article I realized that creating and adding UIelements are the issue. I have those in 2 places – once as I create/modify the grid and secondly as I create a list of UIelements for the Property Editor.

In both cases I create a load of controls using new and maximize IO between CPU and GPU.

The grid is not a problem – the issue is more than once I have a lot of canvas w/grids and resize the grid I recreate it. This should be easily solved by creating a seperate grid component that is updated. The grid is after all just a visual background gimmick.

The property editor is more difficult. It is quite advanced and as is depend of WPF. It is 2 problems here (1) the memory usage. It seems to me that garbage collector is garbage not releasing memory. If I click between two objects it just grab more and more memory and never give anything back by the looks of it. I can solve this the same way as the grid, but this will cost me. This is very annoying because this type of component in Forms would be fast and easy – so the question is I could do this as a forms component and use it in WPF? I also reaize this also goes for my treeview with tools – it does grab a lot of memory – bla this is a bit of a setback…

to be continued.

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