BSA – HMI Gauge Editor

This simple drawing illustrate how I can create a gauge with several separate layers. In this case I draw a background and a needle on top of that. The final gauge is illustrated at top. This is exacly how I plan to embed a gauge editor in BSA – by using a table with x layers where the user can draw (or code) each layer separately and watch the result. This is an easy way of creating gauges where you also can use gauges within gauges.

In this example I scale the rotation of the needle so that input value match the scale. But, I could easily rotate or change something else – meaning we create a system to scale input values to position, rotation etc so we can animate any part of the gauge. It’s a few details I need to experiment with, but gauges are important in my worlds and this system should allow you all to create your own gauges easely.

Once created the gauge should be visible in the toolbar and be available for usage – which means I need tp export properties to make a consolidated property list. For gauges build this way I plan an in-line editor where you can create local adaptions or modify the library directly from the place you use the gauge. I think this will be awesome, but it will require some experimentation and try & fail adaptions as we go.

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