High Precision Posision System

This board can be purchased from Sparkfun for 215.- USD and is basically a breakout board for ZED-F9P from ublox. ZED-F9P can be purchased for 148.- USD in quantum of 10 units, but I only wanted two of these boards for now for my robot project.

What is important with this is the 10mm precision on the GPS. You are reading right – 10 milli meters (1 cm) accuracy. This is also why it is so pricy yet, but I expect it will get competition as we move forward and drop in price.

I have not tested this yet, but to achieve 10mm I will need two of these and set up a RTK system. RTK means you have (1) GPS on the vehicle and a (2) a second GPS on a fixed base station. As the base station know it’s position it can measure error in position caused by athmosferic conditions or weather and send that as correction data to the mobile unit. This is stated to be working for up to 50km, but I am happy with 5-10km as that is the practical range of LoRa units.

Myself I will only be running a small robot or garden machine around mostly for position testing.

I will return to this unit later. For now I want to focus on my HMI project + wait for better weather 🙂 because I basically need HMI for everything I do.

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