Using old solder paste

I just started on 2 new motor drivers for my new project and soldered DRV8301 which is a dense 58 pin crab using an old solder paste. Soldering these crabs are easy and done in minutes, but I struggled with this paste and ended up with a driver that had pins not connected causing 2 days of messing around testing and looking for bugs. So, in short – lesson learned – soldering these boards are actually very easy with a bit of training and fresh solder paste. A new cylinder cost ca 3.- USD, so what I will do is to systematically replace my solder paste to make sure I work with fresh one from now on. The difference as I changed paste was extremely noticable to be gentle!

As for my new boards – I have to remove the driver chips and re-solder them with fresh paste. 2 days wasted in testing 🙁

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