16xServo Hat

This is rev 1.3 of 32xIO/Servo Hat. It’s been a few revisions that I never bothered to build because the original is working well. But, I need some changes on this:

  • SWD need to change to new format.
  • Connection to SPI1 need resistors.
  • 2nd Power connector needs to be added.
  • Connection between motor and 5V USB can be moved into board.
  • Leds can be moved into board.
  • Adding protection diodes on wrong polarity.

The main change I want is however new Servo/IO connectors. The right-angle headers used here are great, but they have no mechanical fittings and are candidates for falling off during vibration. How I can achieve this is a puzle. I might have to use JST Micro 3-pin in which case I can achieve 16 IO/Servo ports maximum. I am however thinking that is OK because firstly I can stack board, secondly 16 x IO is a lot + it is much easier to ensure 16 x PWM timers and use hardware for higher pulse accuracy on Servoes.

That said I think the 16x IO/Servo Hat can start at revision 1.0 and we upgrade this to rev 1.4, meaning I maintain both for now. The 32xIO/Servo Hat is after all a cool hobbyist board + it is the closest I have to a generic GPIO Board.

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