ESP32 based Ethernet/Wifi Adaptor

RC1 of the ESP32 based Ethernet/Wifi Hat can be seen above. The module follow the same standards as the STM32 based modules with SPI backbone CAN and USB. The board can fit straight on a Raspberry PI or be combined with any module described in this series. New to this version is that I removed the IO ports of the previous version and added a wired Ethernet option using LAN8710 Transceiver. This is a 10/100Mbs Ethernet and the lwIP stack is already on the ESP32 module. In Effect this gives Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet Acces in addition to CAN, SPI and USB. 

ESP32 have a build in antenna that we still can use, but I added a 2.4Ghz antenna option that can connect to IPEX antenna on some modules. This allows us to use at least 3 different ESP32 modules available on the marked. The 3D model below show the module annotated.

  1. CAN Connector. The actual connector is a right angle 3-point micro connector. Basically the same as used on all boards.
  2. Terminator for CAN. If connected add 120Ohm terminator resistor.
  3. LAN8710
  4. RJ45 Ethernet with magnets.
  5. Ethernet power led. This indicate if Ethernet is powered on or not. I use a separate SPX3819 that is controlled by ESP32 enabling me to switch off Ethernet if I want to.
  6. 2.4Ghz antenna connector for Wifi/Bluetooth.
  7. USB Mini connector. Needed for programming the module.
  8. Leds
  9. CH340G UART to USB. I have used these for a while and I am very happy with their performance.
  10. External 5V power connector.
  11. Internal PSU regulator
  12. ESP32 module.
  13. Reset connector.
  14. Leds
  15. Raspberry PI connector using 5V and SPI.
  16. Boot connector
  17. CAN Transceiver.

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