HLK-7688A Suit Prolific driver not working

I recently purchased an small dev kit for HLK-7688A (above) and noticed that it has a Prolific USB-to-Serial port. Connecting it I get this message:

Windows detects the port, but the driver will not open it. I assume this is a fake chip issue again. I have had this issue with Prolific before – which is why I try to avoid devices with Prolific on. I will see how I can get around this.

I respect that fake chips are a problem, but it is not my problem! My respond on things like this is that I add Prolific to the list of companies I avoid. 

In this case I might need to grab the UART TTL signals and use a CH340 circuit so I can use the dev kit if I can’t get the Prolific junk driver to work. I will also ask the vendor to ditch Prolific and use CH340 to avoid the problem. In this case I might very well have picked up a copy as this is an open dev kit.

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