BSA – Coming alone

BSA is coming alone, but it is still a lot of work before this is functional. I lack symbols, details in symbols, line editors etc. But, the graphical work is going smooth and the rest is just “ordinary”C# coding. I am a much bigger fan of C++ that C#, so it is ironic to chose WPF over QML. But, I am a big fan of getting things done and C# is the right choise for a heavy Windows application.

I will reconsider dark theme as soon as I have an overview of the controls I will need to re-design from scratch. I have decided to not bother to much with changing existing native controls as it in many cases are much easier to just write your own from scratch. This is the same I did in QML and was doing earlier in Qt and C#/Forms working on this. Shape is awasome that way because every single graphical element is a complete UI. Invisible for the eye it actually is 5 graphical layers on the diagram – or well drawing as this is no diagrams yet.

I intended to be done with the Forms designer ca June before I switched from QML to WPF. I think we will see July before I can finish a Beta, but that is pretty awesome taken into account that I only work on this spare time and started ca 1 month ago.

It annoy me a bit that I can’t do the cooler dark theme, but if I start on that I will need a lot of time converting Windows native controls. I had the same issue in QML as I basically had to spend a lot of time on things not related to BSA. Stay in touch.

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