ST have lately purchased True Studio, so it was not a big surprice to see that True Studio now is merged with CubeMX. I am not a big fan of Eclipse based IDE’s, but this one is great for getting you project off ground fast. CubeMX saves you a few hours as you start the project, but I tend to re-organize my projects and move to a more professional editor/environment. I have been using Code::Blocks, but I actually want to set up Visual Studio Code. That said STCubeIDE is a nice alternative and they willhopefully mature the product out of Eclipse limitations. The concept is that you have CubeMX on one tab and as soon as you switch to C/C++ you auto-generate code. This IDE fueled by CubeMX is still a great starting point for checking hardware and getting your project off ground. Only be aware to follow ST rules as you add your own code or it will be wiped out.

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