E22-900M30S LoRa Hat

This is the first mock-up with the LoRa unit on. This is the larger and stronger of the modules and it occupied a bit more place than I expected, but I will do. It’s not much passive components on these modules and I still think I have just about the space for the GPS and antenna on right side. We will see tomorrow as I make the package. 

The E22-900M22S is about 1/4 of the size. They are based on the same chip, but 30S got a stronger 1W sender. 22S uses 0.1W and cover 6.5Km according to its datasheet. I take those 12km and 6.5km with a pinch of salt. At these frequencies this will be at line of sight, but lets test.

As for my 3D models I am very accurate with PCB footprint, but the rest is as far as I go an illustration. The antenna as an example show the space it will occupy, but it lack details. You can sit days fiddle with these if you want to, but I prefer them simple and editable.

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