LoRa and GPS Hat

Packing a LoRa and GPS module on the same Hat should be possible and make a lot of sense. I could pack a battery manager as well, but I rather just make a separate board with battery on and this can be stacked on the back of this unit anyway.

The MCU is the classic STM32F405RG which have 3 SPI’s and I will use all 3. One for RPI, One for LoRa and one for GPS.

LoRa is E22-900M30S with a huge range, programmable sending power and frequency selection. This is based on the SX1262 RF chip. I have no experience with this, so I have ordered various units to start with. This unit is a bit large so it will occupy most of the left half. Luckily this has a IPX antenna so we don’t need to worry about antenna wiring.

NEO-6M, NEO-7M and NEO-8M are GPS modules that are very small. I will be using NEO-6M, but NEO-7M and NEO-8M are backward compatible, so we can upgrade and check those later.

This board is straight forward. Most of the work is actually to make the packages for the LoRa and GPS module.

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