MC4X60V50A as a Hat

Updated 3D Model 18.dec.2018

This is a bit more than a mockup since it is almost complete, but adding 15mm to an existing design is a lot of extra space. I turned the Hat so that the Raspberry PI Ethernet would be at right. Basically this is 35mm wider than a normal Hat, so it is still small for a 3KW Motor Controller.

Actually I now have some extra space so I can add in a few things. I ditched a RS485, but I would also like more sensors if I have pins/space available. I have a connector to connect 5V on PI to 5V from Motor. This enables MCU and Driver to have separate PSU. I can also add pins to mount extra capacitors behind on the left side. This will be perfect as they will be left of Raspberry PI or other Hat’s. I actually could remove the large 1000uF capacitors on top to save some Space, but lets see how it works out.

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