Heavy Universal Motor Hat

This is an unfinished 3D of MC4X60V50A or MC4X for short. I initially stated that I did not want this as a Raspberry PI Hat, but I do have SPI1 available + CAN is already planned. It would make a powerfully module + I could add an isolated GW as an add-on etc. The controller itself is more or less finished and the driver stages are mature design.

Firstly I don’t need to attach a Raspberry PI, but it would be a very powerfully stack to be able to add the 20++ modules I now plan. If I add the 40-pin GPIO at bottom-left I would get the RJ45 and USB’s of Raspberry PI 2/3 at left as an extension. This could work out very well – lets try it out and see where we end up.

Just to remind everyone – this Motor Driver support 60V @50A. It basically does so on all 4 independent drivers, so you can run 4 x heavy PWM/Solenoids, 2 heavy DC Motors, a 3-Phase BLDC Motor or a heavy stepper Motor.


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