New 32 x IO/Servo Hat

Revision 1.3 of my 32xIO/Servo Hat. This export 32 of the GPIO pins using a Signal, V+, GND header common for Servo ports. V+ can be separate or use 5V from USB.

This version uses the 3 edges to get all 32 IO’s available on the edge of the board. It does in addition add the CAN port (top left) and address pins are removed.

STM32F105RB is also replaced with STM32F405RG and I added the USB port. USB is handy for many reasons, but it makes it convenient to download MicroPython and then use USB as programming port for Python scripts.

I need to return to MicroPython because porting that down will be a large task. I am confident I can get it compiled and ported fast, but I also need to extend the libraries to support firmware available on the Boards.

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