9 port RPI Hub 3D

I like doing these early mock-up’s of PCB’s and adjust schematics because they tell me what I can achieve with pins and space. This is the new RPI Hub I am working on. The details will change, but it looks doable.

  1. 2 x RS485
  2. 2 x RS232
  3. 1 x TTL UART (consume a RS232 port if used)
  4. Terminal switches for RS485/CAN
  5. 2 x CAN
  6. 1 x Serial Flash
  7. 1 x USB
  8. GPIO Expansion Ports
  9. Super-Cap or Battery for RTC
  10. External power connector
  11. 1 x SPI port
  12. 1 x I2C port
  13. Micro-SD Card (MMC).
  14. RPI 2/3 Header

The Hat is in the format of a Raspberry PI Hat. The Hat can be used stand-alone powever by USB (or external), or as a Raspberry PI Hat. As mentioned this is an early mock-up so the actual PCB will change. It will probably take me another week before I order this, so I expect to have

I am also trying rounded corners this time, lets see how that goes. As for usage – this is basically a add-on module for a mobile control system that can operate stand-alone, in a bus or at the back of a Raspberry PI 3A+ or Raspberry PI 3B+ etc.

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