Fedex Norway slam customers

I purchased 4 packages from Arrow in US (MOSFET’s) and I was surpriced that P&P was included free – and yes it is. But, Arrow uses Fedex that add a fictive P&P as this is declared to Norwegian customs and this made the value look like it was above the free import limit – which it is not! This basically allow them to charge me 12.- USD in handling fees on top of 12.- USD in MVA. So a package that costed 29.- USD suddenly “cost” ca 53.- USD. That is almost 100% import duty on packages from US in this case. These packages are actually free (no MVA) below 40ich USD, so this makes a big difference.

I have complained to Fedex and Arrow. I will not stop using Arrow, but this extra cost will need to be calculated in. Arrow is an innocent victim of a very bad Fedex practice here! Fedex are actually obligated to find out what the actually P&P is and inform customs, something Arrow should have stated in the invoice.

I will complain about the extra invoices. I feel sorry for Arrow that actually have made a very competetive deal and get their business slammed by a bad Fedex Norway practise.

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