MC3P60V50A – 3KW Motor Controller

This will be work in progress for another week at least. I have routed the right side of DRV8301, but I have the left side + MCU left. I initially started with a STM32F303CB, but decided to move up to a STM32F405RG. Current size is ca 100mm x 25mm and components only on top side. I have received the 60V/160A MOSFET’s I plan to use.

This is a dedicated 3-Phase controller. I have so far added JST connectors for SWD, CAN, RS485 and 6 sensor inputs. I will add bias and jumpers for RS485 top-left + I would like to add a USB connector, but I probably need to sacrify CAN or RS485 to do that.

Compared to MC4X24V15A this is 20 mm longer and 15mm thinner design with components on the top side only – but, let me finish routing before I brag to much – I do however think that worst case here is another 5mm in thickness due to density on left side – lets see. 

I will solder up a new MC4X24V15A to complete testing and start writing actual code. I have received the MOSFET’s. The old board is stil working, but reduced to 12V due to some destructed lanes that proved difficult to repair. But, that is ok for algorithm work on lower effects.

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