INA210 Current Sensing

I just realized that my math around INA210 current sensing is wrong. I have dimensioned based on 15A design which is the average I expect from all 4 channels driving a single motor. Basically the input current. But, output current on a phase will be based on PWM. And if you use 50% duty you need 30A to achieve 15A etc. Simply said I have dimensioned the current sensor for a much, much lower current than I actually need to measure. I should probably switch to INA214 (100x) or even INA213(50x).

Max pulse drain on IRF7862 is 170A, but I need to calculate a decent range and dimension this accordingly.

This does however not expect why IN210 does not work as I tested on very low currents, but getting math correct is a step in the correct direction.

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