Power MOSFET’s

I have collected a few power MOSFET samples that I will be testing in due time. It exist other MOSFET’s, but these are selected due to a combination of package, cost and performance that make them interesting.

IRFS3107 various packages and is rated 75V @ 160A. It is actually rated 195-230A, but looking at the numbers you see that it is limited to 160A continuously at 100 degC. Pulses can be up to 900A and internal resistance is ca 3mOhm. Price is ca 0.8 USD each. I bought 50x at ca 0.4 USD each that arrived in a plastic bag, so I might have yet another factory reject set. These are interesting because they are quite small PCB mounted.

IRFH5300 is the one I plan to replace IRF7862 with as it has the same size and only 1.4 mOhm internal resistance allowing 32A. I will use this on rev 1.1 of MC4X15A. The primary object is to be able to reach 10-20A without heat-sink, but I will see where I get. This is a 30V limited MOSFET costing ca 0.9 USD.

IRF4368 has a TO-247 package allowing a different heat-sink to be used. It is rated at 75V @ 195A, with a pulse peak of 1280A. Internal resistance is 1.85mOhm making it a very interesting candidate for a larger driver. Again price is ca 0.9 USD.

IRFS7530 is D2PAK with 7 legs and rated at 60V with 240A. Pulses to 1450A and 1.4 mOhm internal resistance. This should be known to many as it also is used in the Vedder ESC design. The cost is ca 2.5 USD each.

I need to get my MC4X15A working properly before I continue With larger designs and as mentioned I already have sufficient juice on this for quite large motors. What I actually lack is working current sensors and a solution to support 48-60ich Volt.

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