5A reached on Motor Driver

Not so much to write home about, but adding the heat sink back on I turned it up to 5A on a single channel – no heat noticed. My new loads do their job consuming some 100W, but my 5A PSU reached it’s limit. This was 20% duty cycle, so actual phase current was 25A. I tried a 2nd channel, but I struggle to find HEXFET’s that work so I am looking forward to get a proper batch in a few weeks time.

This leaves the challenge of the current sensor. I will try a few more of the INA210 and see if I get anything out of them. I will also remove the low pass filter I added after the amplifier to test. One of the challenges with INA210 is that this limits the driver to 26V,  At 30V the MOSFET’s become the limit, so this is basically a 24V design.

As for the MOSFET’s. These are rated 30V @ 17A and seems to cost ca 0.8 USD each. At that price I can as well change to the ones that is rated 30A. They cost a little more, but will use up ca half the heat dissipation.

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