HMI Designer – Content List

HMI Designer is reaching a state where I can use HMI Designer itself to design some of it’s content. I can do this because the Designer also embed the Browser allowing me to embed XML based HMI specifications. I am not sure I gain anything, but it will be a good test case for the Browser and help driving it.

My previous entry discuss user gauges as a series of drawings displayed on top of each other. Basically that is what any drawing is and I will need some kind of content list, so the easiest way of dealing with user controls is probably to create this content list and allow the user to select on screen what he/she want to use as a new control.

Any control (also internal ones) need a list fo interface and and spec on how these are used. I think this will work out nice.

Stay with me – this has been a deep dive (large job) so once this surfaces things will change.

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