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DataGrid and PropertyEditor is still work in progress, but the same PropertyEditor that is used in BSA will also be available as a component. The same goes to the DataGrid. DataGrid is a smaller grid designed to use inline edit. I will also use a virtual grid designed to visualize huge amounts of data.

I am not sure about “DataSource” yet. A DataGrid will need a connection to a data-source. This can be manual, a ram table, an external XML table or maybe a SQL database etc. The common way to do this is to provide an invisible componente “DataSource” that is reffered by components vidializing/editing the content. I will do something similar. It makes sence to have this as a separate component – I think.

PropertyEditor is excellent for editing a single row in a table or an object (class). If you have a SQL database the two components shown would provide a raw editor in no time. This alone is worth gold because it allow you to quickly create GUI interfaces to databases regardless of what format they are in – and most applications actually have a database or internal data-tables and structures of some sort. BSA also includes classic ER Diagrams to be able to support SQL based Relational Databases that still are very common.

With the current speed I am hoping to have an Alpha version in June 2021 – covering HMI only.

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