Making a LED Lamp

I am a bit handicapped as my Lamp with a magnifier broke. I was using that all the time, but having seen how badly designed that it I decided to rebuild both of my lamps to be LED lamps.

What I will do is to buy a 130VAC to 12VDC adapter in a shop (or use an old one laying around) that is CE aproved – and this is very important in Norway. I am allowed to deal with 12V, but if I deal with 230VAC and start a fire my insurance might kick back on me.

This project is straight forward – Use an adapter to get 12V and make a PCB that is a circle fitting inside the lamp with LEDS designed so they accept 12V – in reality that is 3 leds with a resistor in series.

The next step I am considering is to use an ESP32 and a few Half H-Bridges to dim different parts of the lamp to control light, but for now I will just make a dumb, analogue design on vero boards to get my lamp working again.

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