XPortHub Update

I finally managed to sort out the CubeMX/SW4STM32 error so I can move on a bit. The XPortHub (pictured above) is coming together very well. Sadly I have to upgrade this due to the Flash footprint error, so I will make some other adjustments as well.

CubeMX auto-generate all drivers with pin-setting, FreeRTOS, USB driver and even the FATFS system allowing the Micro SD Card to be used as a disk.

The pin-out above shows how dense this design is getting with only 5 spare pins. Using the USB as a serial link with a little console app this basically have more content than my first IBM PC back in 1983. It bring back some nostalgic reflections to my early days fiddling with DOS and C compilers.

What I will do next is actually to create a terminal application and a CLI with a Utility package that in many ways with mimic the old DOS/Console days.

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