DS18B20 – Temperature Sensors

I need to add temperature sensors to my MC4X15A Motor Controller so I can monitor HEXFET temperature and cut the H-Bridges to protect the HEXFET’s. I have 2 analogue input’s designed for temperature sensors, but I also have a bunch of DS18B20 laying around.


DS18B20 is a one-wire protocol device and you use it’s IO port to bit-bang 2-way communication. You can actually program 18B20 with threshold values to give alarms and connect it as a network. It is a very advanced and popular device. It also have internal reference so it gives temperature with +/- 0.5 degrees accuracy.


I have a bunch of these around, so I will connect one through the end-point connector. On the next revision I will modify the these ports to use these. I actually could use the temp port as is and the parasite mode illustrated above as well.

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