0-50V/0-20A Programmable Lab PSU – DPS5015 & DPS5020

DPS5015(0-50V/0-15A) and DPS5020(0-50V/0-20A) are DIY modules available for ca 40.- USD. It exist several of these. Notice that input here is 60V DC, so you need a AC/DC converter in front of this.

I have looked at these for a while as I plan to build some Lab PSU’s.  It is an interesting option. The USB/Bluetooth adapter with the software below is very interesting. The module uses a UART With Modbus RTU – the protocol doc is in Chinese, but I hope someone will translate this to English.

One can never have to many lab PSU’s ….

2 thoughts on “0-50V/0-20A Programmable Lab PSU – DPS5015 & DPS5020”

  1. Dear Jan,

    I managed to communicate with a python3 program when importing minimalmodbus. I can send you the program if you wish

    1. hi Luc,

      I must to my shame admit that my DPS5020 still is in a box on the shelf behind me, but your code would be usefully. Let me know if you want me to share it.

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